The School Day

Our school day officially begins at 8.55am however the cloakroom doors open at 8.45am to allow children the opportunity to prepare for the day.  It is important that children are in the classroom by 8.55am so that vital learning opportunities are not missed.  Any child arriving after the register has been taken at 8.55am will be marked as late.

In Reception and Nursery, the timetable is organised to meet the needs of the children.  The children in Reception have Phonics teaching at the beginning of the day.  The rest of the day though is tailored depending on the focused activities and continuous provision available.  In Nursery, the sessions are organised according to the children in the session, the needs of these children and the activities planned.  Outdoor play is an essential part of all our EYFS children's day and therefore the children do not have a specific play time.  Lunch in Reception starts at 11.45am and finishes at 12.45pm.

From Year 1, the children are taught through six sessions each day. During the afternoon, classes all complete a 1km walk or run.

Registration and morning activities 8.55am-9.00am
Session 1 9.00am-10am
Playtime 10am-10.10am
Session 2 10.10am-11am
Assembly 11am-11.20am
Session 3

11.20am-12noon KS1

11.20am-12.15pm KS2


12noon-12.45pm KS1

12.15pm-1.00pm KS2

Session 4

12.45pm-1.40pm KS1

1pm-1.45pm KS2

Session 5 1.45pm-2.30pm
Session 6  2.30pm-3.15pm
End of School 3.15pm