Out of School Club Mission Statement

‘Learning together to make a better future'.

Our School Aims and Objectives

Withinfields is a happy and inclusive Out of School Club where inspiring learning supports all children in recognising and achieving their potential. In our Out of School Club all children are taught:

  • To have healthy lifestyles
  • To keep themselves safe
  • To enjoy school and to achieve in everything they do
  • To make a positive contribution to their school and the community
  • To establish skills which will help them as adults

School Aims

  • Our school is a safe, stimulating and happy environment for all children, staff and parents
  • Everyone in our school is equally important and treated with respect
  • Our broad and balanced curriculum follows the national curriculum and gives all children chance to learn through exciting activities
  • All our teaching and learning will be to a high standard to challenge all children to reach their potential
  • Children will have a range of experiences outside the school curriculum which enrich and enhance their lives
  • Our children will be taught the skills which will help them to succeed in adult life
  • We will work in partnership with parents in all areas of the school's life
  • Our children will be taught to make good choices about both personal safety and healthy lifestyles in and out of school
  •  Everyone in our school will be encouraged to learn and all staff will be supported through performance management and continuing professional development
  • The school will take an active part in the local and wider community
  • We will constantly try to make our school a better place

Childcare at Withinfields Primary School

All childcare is provided by current members of staff to ensure continuity for our children. We hold an open door policy so parents are always welcome to come in if they have a problem or just want to chat about how there child is doing. The different provisions are listed below

Nursery Wrap Around Care

The school offers flexible nursery places so parents can choose six out of a maximum of 10 sessions. These sessions fall under the 15 hour free entitlement. The school will provide lunchtime care for nursery children if needed by parents (please see pricing structure). It will also offer additional places for wrap around care where there is space in the nursery part of the Foundation Stage Unit. Any extra sessions taken above the government funded 15 hours will be charged at the current rate (please see pricing structure).

A Teaching Assistant and a midday supervisor will ensure ratios at lunchtime will not exceed 1 adult to 8 children. The wrap around sessions will be under the supervision of a qualified teacher.

Provide a Demand Based Wrap Around Child Care for the Whole School

Before and after school childcare will run from 7.30 am - 8.55 am and again from 3.15 pm to 5.55 pm. Two members of staff will run the provision, one qualified to NVQ Level 3 and a second to NVQ Level 2. This provision is in the Children's Centre by the School car park.


Pricing Structure


Out of School Club


Nursery wrap around care


7.30 - 8.55


9.00 - 11.30


3.15 - 5.55


Lunch Cover





School Lunch




12.45 - 3.15


            If payments are received late and a reminder is sent a late payment fee of £5 will be charged